StrayCare Samos SW, Animal shelter

StrayCare Samos SW, Animal shelter

StrayCare Samos SW, Animal shelterStrayCare Samos SW, Animal shelterStrayCare Samos SW, Animal shelter

We Care for the strays on the SouthWest side of Samos Island, Greece.


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Simi is a 1 year old lovely and loveable boy. He is not the smallest cat you can find, he does like his food.

He loves to play, to cuddle and is a very good boy. He has no problems with other cats and neither with dogs. He is very social and an absolute heartbreaker. Anyone would be lucky to have him!





Sara is a little bit older female, about 5-6 years old. She was like Nia, in Ormos with her puppies.She is a very soft character, likes to take life very easy. A simple easy dog for someone who is not so active. Sara loves cuddles and enjoys being outside, but for sure will enjoy also the sofa. Sara has been sterilized, vaccinated and is in great general health. She weighs about 15 kg.

Sara tested positive for Leishmania but with low level. She still has many years in front of her and is looking for someone to spend her lazy lifestyle.





Zorbas is an older boy who has seen a lot in his life.
He is a big boy, 27 kg, but a teddy bear at heart. He was picked up from Ormos where someone had hit him with a chair and he had injured his front leg. Most of the people in the village hated/feared him because of his size and spread all kinds of rumours that this dog is evil and agressive.
I picked him up and carried him in the car. This dog was wagging his tail at me! He was so good at the vet and let us treat his injuries.
Zorbas is approx. 6 yeards old and deserves a great home! He is loyal and good with other dogs, doesn't mind horses or donkeys. He would be great as a dog for long walks and wrestles in the grass.





Ruska is a beautiful young female cat that was found in Limnonas. When she was found she was feeling poorly and most probably would have died. But now she is glowing! She is a happy young cat that loves playing with other cats and the puppies. She is not a cat who loves cuddles, but when you start giving her attention, she starts purring and gives you a show, loving the touch. She has been declared healthy and is sterilized and vaccinated.





Manu is a young boy. He was found at the local petrol station. He had a severely tilted head and the people thought he had been hit by a scooter or kicked in the head.
We took him home and I noticed his ears were very red and especially the other side, almost black inside.
We started treatment and the next day the vet confirmed that he had a severe infestation of earmites that caused a very bad infection in the deeper ear. This caused him neurological symptoms like tilted head. He was given antibiotics and it wasn't sure if the head will ever be totally straight but he was getting better.
Now Manu is fully recovered and enjoying his life to the max! He is great with other cats and dogs, he loves to be cuddled and is very playful. He is a love ball!





TicoTico was found in a box with his brothers. He is loving dog that is never in a bad mood! 

He loves to run an play with his brothers and all the other dogs. He is also very good with cats.

TicoTico will not be a big dog, he is going to be less then 10 kg when adult.

TicoTico is a mexican type of name because since he was a small small puppy his butt was always shaking like a ticotico because his tail was wagging so much. A bundle of love.





One of the most important work we do, is feeding the strays. We always have food for cats and dogs in our cars, as well as first-aid kits in case we meet an animal with injuries.

Food and water, the basics we all need for survival.. we try to provide for as many as we can.




Sterilizing is so important! We sterilize every cat and dog that come to our care. We do not give them even for adoption, unless they are sterilized.




We don't only take dogs and cats that can be re-homed, we also care for those who can not be re-homed. This means we provide the home for the three legged cats, one eyed cats, deaf cats, deaf dogs, blind dogs.. that nobody wants to take. Which is a shame really, because even if these animals have their defects, they are wonderful characters with so much love to give. And actually, they all live happy lives even with their missing legs, or hearing.. or sight. 

Because, they are survivors. At our animal shelter, sanctuary, they can live the rest of their lives as part of our family, if others don't see past their "defects".




If you want to give a home to a former stray, you can. We only re-home dogs and cats that we know are social and healthy. They are sterilized before re-homing. We do not sell animals. We re-home. That means we want to get to know you and your home before we re-home animals. For us the most important thing is that the animal finds the right home. That both of you are happy ever after.

The costs? We ask for the coverage of the costs of the furry friend: sterilization, vaccination, microchip, passport, anti-parasite treatment, flight kennel and flight. In case you wish for specific bloodtests before travelling, those costs also will be added. There are no extra or so called "blind" costs. Kindly notice that costs differ for each animal because some might have needed more care than others (operations, blood tests etc.) and ofcourse because the flight costs differ between companies.




We are happy to give as much information as possible about the strays. We are also happy to provide support and as much information as we can to those who want to adopt, or maybe even already have a pet but need help.

PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US, if you have any questions, want more information or especially if you want to adopt a furry friend.




The animals that live in the animal shelter, are members of family. We have tortoises, cats, dogs, a donkey and a horse. And we never know what tomorrow brings.

All animals live together, more or less forming a pack. We have very young animals, and very old animals. But all respect each other and live a pretty harmonious life.

Ofcourse always when there is a new kid on the block, the boss must approve and the newcomer will find it's place. But because they live all together with us, forming a mixed pack, they all become very social and happy. Animals are not natural enemies (like many thing cats and dogs are), they are natural friends.

in the sanctuary





Jenny was found in the middle of the road. She had managed to escape from the rope they had used to tie her to the olive tree. They had left her to die without food and water. Probably because she is old.

So she came to us. Our vet came to see her and said she maybe has two weeks, it doesn't look good, just skin and bones with a lot of open sores. We vaccinated her and to our amazement, she started to recover.. two weeks became two months... two years.. and she is still with us, cheeky and life loving as ever. Against the odds.. she made it! 





Marjo came to us because her owner didn't want her anymore. He wanted her to be euthanized but didn't want to pay for it so he chose to let her starve to death.

A person brought her to us, and we found out she had some old injuries to her legs.. from what, we don't know.. and also she is nearly blind, probably because of poor diet and old age.

We didn't expect her to live long but now she has been with us over a year and is more trusting towards people, her feet are not causing her pain anymore because a farrier comes to care for them and she has a companion in Jenny. Marjo, has her golden years like an old horse deserves to have.





We have dogs of all ages, from a couple of days old to more than 10 years old.. females, and males. We have two areas where we have dogs, one is "the lower garden" and the other is "the upper garden. In this way we separate dogs so that it doesn't become too stressful for them when there are many and we can put the "kindred spirits" together.

They all become social, even if in the beginning they are shy.. because they see that the other dogs trust us, so they can too. In the picture above, are brothers Ricky and Mickey. This picture was taken one day after they came to live in the sanctuary. Until then, they didn't let people close to them and would not be touched. So much changes, in one day.





The cats in the sanctuary live with the humans all day, like the dogs. Some cats stay partly in a "cattery" which is half in a conservatory and half in the house. They learn to live with dogs as well and are all social. Bella, the cat in the picture, has only three legs, her back leg was amputated due to severe injury. We have another "tripod" called Kuisku, she is missing a front leg due to nerve damage. We have a deaf cat Lumi, a mini-cat Maisa... and many many more. All are in great general health and hopefully will one day find their forever homes.





With us, the animals stay together and are in contact with humans all the time. They are very social and are not afraid of pretty much anything.

Our belief is that there are no natural enemies among animals and they prove it to us every day. So well they all adapt to their new surroundings and new friends, as soon as they come inside through our gate.





If you want to help us to help these strays and more, we welcome the help!

For support, you can do it various ways, for example:

Send us used or new materials like collars, toys, deworming, medicine etc.

You can also order materials for us directly from online shops like etc. and have them deliver to us.

If you want, you can also gift towards certain things like sterilizations, vaccinations, food, building material etc.

We always need: Medical materials (sutures, gauzes, syringes and needles etc.), medicine (antibiotics, eye-drops, ear-drops, cortisone, deworming, anti-tick/flea treatmts), toys, treats, food.. 

Mail address:

StraycaresamosSW/Sanna Ahonen

P.O BOX 200


83102 SAMOS





Christos the wonderful Risto Reipas. He had so many interested him and the lucky couple who got him, really have devoted their lives to Christos. They love teaching him new things and take him to long adventures in the wilderness. And he is equally devoted to his new owners and absolutely loves his new life with them.

Charlie and Charisma:

These two were adopted into the same family! This is so wonderful as these two really love to play and be together. They are sister and brother from Ormos, Nia is their mother. 


Nia is happy and healthy, living in Finland! She shares her home with a cat and other dogs and really enjoys their company and shows every day so much love and affection to her new owner that it's unbelievable that she has just been there some weeks!


Happy Heppu is loving his life in Sweden! He gets very long walks in the wilderness with his people and he absolutely adores his new family. And they adore him. 


Zoe has a fantastic life now in Germany! She enjoys running outside and going to work with her owner. The owner has a job were they welcome Zoe with joy every time she goes there. 

Roope and Tony

Roope lives in Finland now. He is living together with another cat Tony who was originally living with a lovely girl in Finland, who unfortunately got severely allergic. But Happy end to the story was that Roope's owners welcomed Tony with open arms and the two boys from Samos were re-united again! 


The little puppy who came to us from the streets of Patras, found her new home in Finland! She lives there as a member of a big family with many kids and other dogs. But she loves it, she is the little princess.


Pappa is living a grand time in Sweden! He has many winter jackets to keep him warm during their long walks and he loves to run free in the snow. He is so much loved by his family. The poor old boy deserves all the love they can give him and more!


Loulou came to us also from Patras, and she is re-homed to Sweden. She loves to spend time with her owners extended family with grandchildren etc. and run like crazy in the green grass during summer.

Ransu and Ellie

Ransu and Ellie moved to Norway and live together in the same family. So lucky for the active and funny siblings! They are so loved and well taken care of, they live a really happy life

Ru and Pikku Myy

Ru went to Finland as a young kitten and shares her house with Pikku Myy, a very independent cat who would love to be the only cat but has to share the house with a few other cats.. But Pikku Myy thinks she is a dog. She goes nuts if the dogs are taken out without her.. and so she has her own harness and flexi and she walks with two German Shepherds.


Aino the cat also moved to Finland quite young but she took over the house. She is best pals with one of the other cats that already were in the family.. she does her best to drive the owners a bit crazy but they say they can't help but love her anyway.

Lara and Mila

Sisters that were very different in characters, both were adopted to Sweden. 

Lara was always a bit more reserved and a perfect pick for someone single or a couple without kids living at home. And she found the perfect home! And this made her blossom so that the shyness is now gone and she is an absolutely happy bundle of joy and openness. 

Mila was the opposite, she needed others around her. And so she got that! She was adopted to a family with several people and another dog came to live there too. This is great for Mila as she loves to have a furry friend and she has blossomed as well. She loves running in the shoreline during summer and do her little antics :)


Memorable moments in time


Mama, the stray they said can't be touched

Mama was living in the nearby village where the locals gave food to her, but claimed she is too shy to be touched and doesn't come close.
Well, she ended up pregnant. At one point there was a plan among the villagers to take her to be sterilized but for some reason (maybe because of the "can't be touched") this never happened. They contacted us and wanted us to trap her.
One of us went up to the village and the dog came to her as soon as she parked her car.. wagging her tail. So she put the don in a line and lifted her in the car and went to the vet. Unfortunately the pregnancy was too far and we had to let her give birth.
And so she did, 8 healthy puppies were born, 2 girls and 6 boys. They along with Mama will come up for adoption when their time is right. Also Mama will be sterilized and she will also hopefully find her forever home. Because this little girl definitely deserves it!


In Memoriam Nana, castaway

Nana was found on the beach, she literally was on the brink of death. A walking dead one could say..
she came to us and we started feeding her, small handfulls at a time.. And after some days she was taken to vet for bloodtests and was found to be leishmania positive (very low positive) and has a problem with her pancreas. Luckily kidneys and liver proved to be working well. So after we get her pancreas working better, she starts treatment for leishmania, so the level keeps low.
She is a very affectionate dog who craves to be loved. Even though she is older and in such a poor condition, she has a playful attitude and a strong will to live.

Unfortunately her will to live was not enough, her frail body failed her and she slipped into a coma and in the end, she slept the final big sleep.

But she had a lot of love and care during her last weeks, we only hope she felt it.


Ares and Evita, thrown out like trash

These two were found in rubbish bins. First Ares, who was found with 4 dead siblings.. he was approx. 1 week old when found.
And one week later Evita was found, in another bin.. with 7 dead siblings and she the only survival.. bearly alive. She was about 2 days old.
The beginning was tough, but now they thrive. Ares is up for adoption, but Evita will stay with us. She has been found to be blind. We don't know if this is a birth defect of because of been thrown away and been so close to death that it caused the damaged. We will never know but we don't need to know. She is a dynamic girl who doesn't let anyone walk over her. And she is in her forever home.
Bin puppies, a thing that we deal with every year...

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